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Citizens United and Unions — Bob from Keller

[this is the information about unions that supports our contentions in the meeting notes below]

My name is Robert Kirk and l live in Keller, Texas. For the last 8 years I have served as the Financial Secretary – Treasurer for the Transport Workers Union, Local 567, in Fort Worth. My responsibilities include the handling of the donation requests to the TWU PAC, Committee on Political Education (COPE). I also process requests to stop contributions to COPE, as well as requests from our members who wish to withdraw their membership in the Local and become what is known as an Agency Fee Objector.

Many conservative web sites allege union dues money is used for political action, which I am sure you know, is illegal. Continue reading


Meeting With Senator John Cornyn’s Staff Member

by Barb

Citizen’s Meeting at John Cornyn’s Dallas Office 8/15/12

1. Our Group’s Direct Request to our Senator through Collin McLochlin, deputy regional director.

Please support an amendment overturning the Citizens United ruling because Money in politics via campaign contributions through lobbyists and other groups is corroding our democracy. And, the Citizen’s United ruling exacerbates this corrosion by allowing unlimited indirect campaign contributions to super PACs and social welfare organizations. The public and shareholders will not know who is behind the ads and information because donors can be anonymous if donating through the social welfare organizations. But, the candidate who is being supported will know who dropped all the money to get them into office, sooner or later, as the corporations and super rich come knocking for the political return on their investment through that candidate.

2. Paraphrased answers from Collin McLochlin. Continue reading