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John McCain Calls Citizens United Decision the Worst Ever

John McCain with Naval Academy midshipmen

by Kellye

Republican Senator John McCain recently called the Citizens United decision the “worst decision ever.”  This isn’t the first time that he has spoken out against the decision.  In a PBS interview in June of this year, McCain called it “the most misguided, naive, uninformed, egregious decision of the United States Supreme Court in the 21st century.”  He continued, “To somehow view money as not having an effect on elections, a corrupting effect on elections, flies in the face of reality.”

In reference to the five Supreme Court justices who voted in favor of the decision, McCain added, “I just wish one of them had run for county sheriff.”  He said that “we need a level playing field and we need to go back to the realization that Teddy Roosevelt had: that we have to have a limit on the flow of money and that corporations are not people.”  McCain is predicting huge scandals in future elections due to the influence of unlimited money in the political process. Continue reading


Meeting With Senator John Cornyn’s Staff Member

by Barb

Citizen’s Meeting at John Cornyn’s Dallas Office 8/15/12

1. Our Group’s Direct Request to our Senator through Collin McLochlin, deputy regional director.

Please support an amendment overturning the Citizens United ruling because Money in politics via campaign contributions through lobbyists and other groups is corroding our democracy. And, the Citizen’s United ruling exacerbates this corrosion by allowing unlimited indirect campaign contributions to super PACs and social welfare organizations. The public and shareholders will not know who is behind the ads and information because donors can be anonymous if donating through the social welfare organizations. But, the candidate who is being supported will know who dropped all the money to get them into office, sooner or later, as the corporations and super rich come knocking for the political return on their investment through that candidate.

2. Paraphrased answers from Collin McLochlin. Continue reading