Corporations of the Future — Dream or Nightmare?

Ingrid Martine is a leadership coach who interacts with many business leaders, mostly in small businesses. She has written an intriguing critique of the Citizens United decision on her blog, pointing out the dangers of large corporations, such as the advantage they now have over small businesses regarding political speech.

“Money is the bottom line. And now money equals speech. Can you compete with the roar of the corporations?” she writes.

Ingrid notes that because these corporations are only concerned about profits, they have no concern about the welfare of workers or damage to the planet. They are willing to close plants, outsource jobs, dump hazardous waste near aquifers, or use child labor in other countries so they can get the highest profit possible. And the most damaging of all are the businesses considered “too big to fail!”

Her solution to this problem is a unique one – change the traditional business model! Click here to read more about this challenging plan.


One response to “Corporations of the Future — Dream or Nightmare?

  1. joanne groshardt

    I’ve written each Supreme Court member and called and left a message for each. You do it, too. They got us in this mess; time to get us out of the mess:

    Supreme Court of the United States
    1 First Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20543


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